Once we have agreed on the best investment strategy, we execute and continuously monitor the portfolio allocations.

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RWA uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our client's current financial status and their goals.

We work with you to create a financial plan and investment strategy that helps you achieve your financial and retirement dreams. 



Rainsberger Wealth Advisors

fee-only Registered investment advisor
Giving you peace of mind while we build your bigger financial future


OUR TEAM HAS BEEN EVERYWHERE –RETAIL TO WALL STREET, small Business, fortune 500, for and not for profit

Our professional staff includes an MBA, J.D., Certified Financial Planner, a customer retention expert and over 50 years of industry experience. We have special expertise in business, college and retirement planning,
​real-estate and small business owners.  As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor we are committed to providing unbiased and personalized solutions.

We know that life happens and changes need to be made, so we regularly meet with our clients to update their financial plan and portfolios.

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