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Estate Review

Let us review all aspects of your estate planning and legacy goals.

Living Will

Also known as a Health Care Proxy or Advanced Healthcare Directive, this document provides your instructions for end-of-life procedures.

Last Will And Testament

A legal document in which you express your wishes as to how your property will be distributed at death. This document also names one or more people the executor, who will manage your estate until its distribution is complete.
Durable Power of Attorney: A document where you decide who should act on your behalf, both legally and financially, in the event you no longer can make decisions on your own.

Health Care Power Of Attorney

This designates another person to make important healthcare related decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated. This is not related to the durable power of attorney mentioned earlier.

Living Trust And Property Distribution

This is a legal document that ensures assets in your trust can be transferred to your beneficiaries without the need to go through probate proceedings.

Beneficiary Designations

These are the person or persons that you wish to inherit your assets. These designations do take precedence over the instructions you leave in your Will. Have you updated all of your account and insurance beneficiary designations?

Guardianship Designations

This document names the person or persons you wish to have custody over your minor children in the event of your death.

Letter Of Intent

A document used to supplement other legally binding documents that provides instructions, personal requests, and/or information that does not belong in your will. An example would be your requests and instructions for your funeral service and its details.

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